First Impressions: Rogers Video Direct (aka

I’ve been a subscriber of Rogers Video Direct (a Rogers branded version of for about a month now and so far it’s working out for me.

Basically how it works is that you sign up for an account, choose a plan which dictates how many DVDs you can have out at once and how many you can have shipped to you for free each month. I started out with 3 at a time, unlimited per month, but have switched to one at a time, unlimited per month after getting a feel for exactly how long it actually takes me to watch a DVD given my schedule. Even on the 1 at a time plan there is a ‘Refill’ feature which you can use to indicate that the DVD you’re returning is in the mail. They’ll basically send out your next DVD before before they receive the last one. In my experience I receive my next DVD the same day that they receive to previous DVD return.

Anyways, once you’ve signed up, you browse their selection of DVDs and add the ones you’re interested in to you ZipList. You can rank the DVDs on your list and what they do is send you the highest ranked DVD on your list that is available.

I am currently on my 4th DVD. I find the DVDs in my mailbox within 2 days of receiving notification that they’ve shipped and the return trip seems to take about the same time (2 days after I mail the DVD back it disappears from my current rented DVD list.

I’ve got years of movies to get caught-up with!