The Inner Workings of *.vbproj Files: <ProjectTypeGuids>

During the conversion of the S#arp Architecture template project from C# to VB.Net I inadvertently broke (at least) one thing: the ability to add ASP.Net MVC items directly to the SharpArch.Web project directly from the “Add New Items…” dialog. This led to my first question asked on (which I ended up answering myself, 38 minutes later).

Turns out Visual Studio project files can have an element called <ProjectTypeGuids> which contains one or more guids identifying what type of project the file describes. ASP.Net MVC projects have a particular guid specified: {603c0e0b-db56-11dc-be95-000d561079b0}.

So I added this guid to both my SharpArch.Web project file and my SharpArch.Controllers project file, and now I can add new MVC template items directly from the “Add New Item…” dialog. Cool!