New Books to Read! is awesome! My orders always seem to come a week earlier than the estimate. I order on Thursday afternoon and it is sitting in my mailbox waiting for me when I get home on Monday.

My first read will be “Freakonomics” which has been on the New York Times best-seller list (non-fiction) for 44 weeks. I’m one chapter in and already it’s an interesting read.

Next will be “The Mythical Man-Month”, the classic book on the human aspect of software engineering. It was first published over 30 years ago now.

Finally I will finish up reading my very own copy of “The Art of Project Management” which I had mentioned in an earlier post.

recent reads

I thought that I would give y’all the heads up on a few good books I’ve been reading of late.

“The Broker” by John Grisham: A little bit different from most of his other books in that this one is almost a spy story, rather than a legal/political one. Though the main character is an ex-lawyer, so I guess it’s not that different. But I found it gripping. I couldn’t put it down and finished from cover to cover in a few days.

“God’s Debris” by Scott Adams (of “Dilbert” fame): Adams describes it as a “thought experiment”. I found it to be a really interesting read, and polished it off in a few days as well. This one is available free online.

“The Art of Project Management” by Scott Berkun: This one is, of course, non-fiction. Written by an ex-Microsoftee it’s definitely written from a IT project management point of view, but the author is quick to note that much of the advice applies to managing other types of projects. I found it well written and easy to read with lots of useful advice.

“.Net Gotchas” by Venkat Subramaniam: Pretty heavy technical reading. If you really want to become a .Net guru it a good read. You really need to be able to focus on the text when you read it and you should have a fairly good knowledge of the .Net framework to get the most from this book.