I Survived a Busy Long Weekend

Went up to Quebec City with the family this past weekend. The wife and I both have family up there so we try to go up at least once a year (this was our second trip this year).

We leave Friday night after work and drive as far as Trois-Rivieres, which after a full day of work and several hours in the car with the little one is far enough. We crash overnight in a hotel, then cover the last couple hours to Quebec City on Saturday morning. We spend most of Saturday with my family, then Saturday night we crash at the in-laws place. Sunday is time spent with the wife’s family, and some touristy activities. Then Monday we head back home. This time we stopped in Montreal and spent a few hours at the Bio-Dome. It’s a pretty cool place, but a little on the expensive side.

We got home Monday night and did nothing but unpack and watch a little TV. I spent last night and most of tonight getting caught up on 5 days worth of emails (approximately 1600, 75% spam) and my Google Reader feeds (1000+ articles). I’ve still got 900+ unread items in Google Reader.